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Rejuvenating Aging Skin Naturally at Kuykendall Dermatology in Edmond, OK

Kuykendall Dermatology also offers cosmetic services to patients including Dysport, fillers, and chemical peels to help with various aspects of skin care. These are all services we have been performing for years and believe in making women appear all natural without “too much” product at one time. She believes in customizing treatments to achieve the best results with what people can afford. Sometimes simple things can improve appearance without spending thousands of dollars. We do not use anything that is permanent and only use the best brands on the market, never purchase anything second hand, and always purchase directly from manufacturer. Being a board certified Dermatologist, she understands the different products on the market and uses the best to minimize side effects.

Smoother, Softer Skin Through Dysport

Dysport, or abobotulinumtoxinA, is an injection that softens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the upper and lower face. It is FDA-approved, and treatments can last between three and four months. Here are what our Dysport treatments do:

Neurotoxins such as Dysport and Botox are one of the safest things you can do cosmetically. The nice thing about these products is they completely resolve after 3-4 months if you do not like it. People have been concerned about various reports of problems but most of those reports are from clinics purchasing them second hand and not from manufacturer. These products are nice because they are so safe and results completely go away after 3-4 months if you do not like it.

Neurotoxins have been used for years safely in upper face for dynamic lines around the eyes, between the eyes, and forehead. We believe in creating an all natural look and would rather do less and do a touch up if wanted.

Neurotoxins have also taken on a significant role in past few years in treating lower face and can make a huge difference in chin dimpling, fine lines around the mouth, natural appearing plumping of upper lip, and relaxing the downward turning of mouth to achieve more youthful appearance.

Neurotoxins can also be used to do various other things including bunny lines on nose, eyebrow lifting, and softening of face with masseter muscle injection which also reduces bruxism.

doctor with syringe

Renew Your Face With Facial Fillers

We use almost exclusively Hyaluronic acid fillers to safely plump and renew. These can be used several places including hands, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, chin, marionette lines. Placed correctly, these achieve natural looking volume plumping and immediate results with no downtime.

Save Big on Medical-Grade Chemical Peels

Kuykendall Dermatology offers medical-grade chemical peels. Chemical peels can achieve amazing results when applied correctly with same results as lasers at much more affordable prices. Chemical peels are amazing at treating discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. She has been doing these for years and loves offering a more affordable option instead of lasers. Most results are immediate but collagen remodeling results can take weeks to months so your skin even gets better with time with the right peel.

Choose Us for a True Dermatology Experience